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Considering that the gas and oil industries are among the mother industries in the world and these industries have double significant in Iran too due to its geographical location, therefore, we intended to establish a complex titled Armin Tavan Jonoub Company, relying on several years of experience in the field of commerce and collecting a group of the university’s experts to supply and protect the said industries.

Armin Tavan Jonoub Company has been incorporated in Iran- Ahvaz in 2007 and started its activity since then. Taking representation from the American and European large companies and on the basis of the cooperation agreements, this complex is able to supply the industrial equipment and the consumables in the excavation, petrochemical, gas and petroleum industries, that we will explain these abilities as follows.

Our Capital

Our customers are our biggest capital. This is not just a motto. Employing the expert and technical manpower in the financial, commercial, computer, chemical and mechanical fields represents the significance of the customers in the sight of Armin Tavan Jonoub, which knows the best service in all respects as the customers’ inalienable right.
Your cooperation is an honor for us and an advantage for you.

Our Mission

To perform the industrial plans and projects well and to promote the state’s industrial and productive institutions’ operation through:
1)    To provide the parts, machinery and equipment, and also the engineering services and the world’s modern technologies, to decrease the distance between the international manufacturers and the domestic consumers, to enhance the stability level, and to make the industrial institutions’ activity competitive.
2)    To affect the proper supply of goods, equipment and services, enjoying the purchase engineering and the proper commercial and financial systems in a way that makes the customer satisfied and prevents reworking and wasting the resources.
3)     To decrease the supply expenses, and consequently, to decrease the expenses of the projects’ production, exploitation and performance, through the professional and expert operation and also the alertness of the organization.

Our Commitment

We commit ourselves to provide our customers with the modern technologies, high-quality equipment and machinery and the economical solutions which are proportionate to Iran’s industry from all over the developed world. Our records in the most of the state’s industries represent the presence of the world’s famous brands.
The market’s demand for increase in efficiency with respect to the quick establishment of the industrial complex and projects, decreasing the supply’s total expenses, the equipment installation and exploitation makes the usage of the low-quality and unreliable equipment impossible. Selecting the supply equipment by Armin Tavan Jonoub ensures you that the easy operation and the low maintenance costs with the least stop in the production line will be available for you. The day by day increase in Armin Tavan Jonoub company’s number of the customers for goods and services is a witness for its reliable performance with respect to the quality.
Armin Tavan Jonoub has a constant, serious commitment concerning the quality, and the quick and reliable economical solutions for the up-to-date needs of the productive complexes and industries.
This selection directs the company’s general policies towards a constant investment in recognizing the processes, technologies, international remarkable manufacturers, and the up-to-date methods for supply and transference of the equipment and machinery and their relevant services, so that this strong and unwavering commitment has received the positive reaction of the customers.

Executive Capabilities & Our Work Method

To make a strategic alliance with commercial partners is an instrument towards the uninterrupted access to the world-class equipment and technologies and presentation of the support services and spare parts. Our universal resource group makes us able to present the engineering expertise, the operational skills and the supply of the projects’ goods from the initial locating and programming moment until the basic engineering and the processes of construction and installation.
Focusing on the market’s needs and the customers’ demands, Armin Tavan Jonoub intends to fulfill the following cases:
•    To make platforms and substructures for selling and marketing in the field of international markets.
•    To make a close consultation and participation with customer in order to select a right equipment.
•    To present a broad spectrum of equipment and machinery
•    To make a strong chain of supply from the pioneer companies in the field of the design technologies and the equipment and systems’ manufacturing.
•    To make platforms and substructures for engineering and the equipment supply from the world markets.
•    The continuous improvement in the quality of the services and the customers’ access to the world’s modern technologies.
•     After sale service
•    To market in the international markets and to perform export and re-export

Work Scope of Armin Tavan Jonoub

Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industries


Services of Armin Tavan Jonoub

  • Equipment supplying
  • Raw material supplying
  • Spare parts
  • After sale service
  • Financial & commercial services


Equipment Supplying

Relying on the valuable experience in the field of performing the various projects and having full knowledge of the work conditions in Iran’s industry and establishing a close and moment by moment communication with the companies which own technologies from all the world, the experts and engineers of Armin Tavan Jonoub company have full readiness to present the optimum and engineering suggestions considering the specific justifications for each project and customer.

Armin Tavan Jonoub company’s policy in this regard is to present suggestions proportionate to each project, considering all the ecological, commercial and technical figures. The following measures are made in this regard:

–          To determine the particular needs of each customer, making various negotiations, visits, and different meetings

–          To present a clear and precise illustration of the customer’s need after achieving the initial results

–          To select equipment and machinery in conformity with the special conditions of each project and the financial and technical specifications of each plan.

–          To coordinate the programs for visiting the equipment manufacturer’s factories and companies abroad

–          To arrange common meetings with the experts of the buyer company and the foreign sellers

–          Continuous promotion in presentation of consultation and services

–          High flexibility in presentation of a broad spectrum of equipment


Industrial Valves (Manual & Automatic)  

To supply valves, which are among the most frequently used equipment in the gas and oil industries, is one of the services of Armin Tavan Jonoub. This company is able to supply various types of valves including butterfly valve, cate valve, ball valve, globe valve, according to the standards of API600, API6D, API6A, in the sizes of ½ inch to 52 inch.


Instrumentation & Control Equipment

In the field of the instrumentation & control equipment, considering the significance and sensitiveness and variety of this group, it is to be mentioned that the supply and purchasing the said commodity needs a specialty knowledge, and Armin Tavan Jonoub, enjoying a specialized team for instrumentation equipment, is able to present consultation and to supply the said equipment from the world’s reputable companies such as ROSEMOUNT, YOKOGAWA, E+H, ABB.


Pipes, Tubes, Fittings, Flanges

To supply various types of pipes and tubes from the ANSI standard, including ERW, SPIRAL SEAMLESS, SAW in different sizes and thicknesses, and also material, such as MONEL, INCONEL, ASTM5.


Steel Sheets

To supply various types of the steel sheets with special alloys, including Domex, Duplex, Hardox, Docol, Prelaq, Armox, TOOLOX, from the Asian and European companies for industrial usage is among the other services of this company, and all products have the analysis certificates.


After Sale Service

Services in Armin Tavan Jonoub company will not be finished by the sale level, but this will be regarded as beginning of a long-term participation. After sale service in Armin Tavan Jonoub company includes services such as supervision on installation, the supplying the spare parts and materials, consultation in field of exploitation for decreasing the expenses and the time of repair and maintenance, and also presenting the various services during the guarantee period and after that.


Commercial & Financial Service

  • To secure foreign finance in the productive and industrial projects
  • To adjust the customer’s purchasing conditions with the sale and payment conditions by the manufacturers and suppliers
  • Possibility of purchasing the equipment and machinery with the long-term payment methods
  • To present the commercial services in all of the negotiation levels, to take proforma, to register order, customs affairs, goods’ release and deliverance


Armin Tavan Jonoub company is able to provide the customer with the various commercial and financial suggestions and to resolve the payment problems, having a complete commercial team, communicating with the reputable credit resources, and having commercial offices in world’s different countries. To achieve this aim, the commercial and sale experts of Armin Tavan Jonoub company are ready to convene the specialized meetings with the customers to present the economic commercial solutions.


Supplying the Spare Parts

The spare parts have a high significance in the optimum operation of the factories. The factory’s appropriate operation can be reached only through the regular service and the key equipment of the production line, relying on the staff’s enough experience and education, providing the standard and reliable spare parts.

Services in Armin Tavan Jonoub company will not be finished by the sale level, but this will be regarded as beginning of a long-term participation. Enjoying the expert teams in all commercial and technical fields, Armin Tavan Jonoub company is ready to supply the necessary spare parts for the factories and production lines.

Some figures of Armin Tavan Jonoub company in presenting the spare parts can be find below:

  • Spare parts’ management system
  • High engineering and technical capability in recognizing the specific needs of each equipment
  • Possibility of presenting the spare parts from the largest and most reputable Asian & European manufacturers
  • The proper commercial and financial possibilities to make appropriate suggestions to the customer
  • The proper payment conditions and delivery time


Agencies & Cooperation Contracts

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