Equipment Supplying

Relying on the valuable experience in the field of performing the various projects and having full knowledge of the work conditions in Iran’s industry and establishing a close and moment by moment communication with the companies which own technologies from all the world, the experts and engineers of Armin Tavan Jonoub company have full readiness to present the optimum and engineering suggestions considering the specific justifications for each project and customer.
Armin Tavan Jonoub company’s policy in this regard is to present suggestions proportionate to each project, considering all the ecological, commercial and technical figures. The following measures are made in this regard:
–    To determine the particular needs of each customer, making various negotiations, visits, and different meetings
–    To present a clear and precise illustration of the customer’s need after achieving the initial results
–    To select equipment and machinery in conformity with the special conditions of each project and the financial and technical specifications of each plan.
–    To coordinate the programs for visiting the equipment manufacturer’s factories and companies abroad
–    To arrange common meetings with the experts of the buyer company and the foreign sellers
–    Continuous promotion in presentation of consultation and services
–    High flexibility in presentation of a broad spectrum of equipment

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